Paw Balm

Paw balm made with moisturizing rich ingredients, making them perfect for all year round paw care. Completely safe for dogs to lick and thanks to the neem oil it could deter those excessive lickers.

  • Rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Deeply moisturizing
  • Soothes irritation from nettle stings
  • Reduces damage caused by hot or cold conditions
  • Prevents damage caused by grit and salt in the colder months
  • Contains a natural antihistamine


Stinky Beasties paw balms come in biodegradable or reusable containers making them environmentally friendly.



Shea butter, Rapeseed & Coconut wax, Grapeseed oil, Rice bran oil,  Neem oil, Rosemary EO, Niaouli EO, Patchouli EO

Nose and Face Wrinkle Balm

Ideal for dry, damaged noses and for those with wrinkly-faced dogs. 

Specially formulated for the sensitive nose and face area, doesn't contain any essential oils, so not to cause photosensitive or irritation to their senses. Contains Vitamins A, C, E, Carrot seed oil and Rasperry seed oil.

Benefits include:-

  • Rejuvenates and regenerates damaged skin
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Offers protection against harmful UV rays
  • Deeply moisturising for the nose and skin
  • Super gentle.

Nature's Neem Salve

Suitable for horses, dogs, cats and livestock. 

Neem oil, in conjunction with our blend of essential oils, is renown for its amazing insect-repellent abilities, including ticks and midges.

Additional benefits include:

  • Alleviates minor skin conditions, including dry skin
  • Encourages hair regrowth where hair / fur has been rubbed off by a rug and/or irritated by sweet itch
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Contains antibacterial and antifungal properties.

And since it comes in a handy rub-on bar, it's great for those who don't like to be sprayed.

Store away from direct heat or sunlight. If the bar becomes soft, place it in a cool area until it rehardens.



Neem oil, Coconut and Rapeseed wax, Shea butter, Geranium essential oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil